Thursday, July 31, 2014

Summer Sunshine Camp Session #4: Asia

Puzzle of the Taj Mahal

Panda Puzzle

Zen Garden

The Great Wall of China Puzzle

Pouring Rice

Scrubbing an Elephant

Pennies in an Elephant Bank

Painting a Koi Fish with Watercolors

Super Yummy Snack:  Steamed Rice with Seaweed sprinkled on top

Friday, July 11, 2014

Plantain Pancakes

mashing up the plantains

mashing up the plantains

mixing up the plantains


The children had a great time making and eating Plantain Pancakes on the last day of Africa summer camp.

Monday, June 16, 2014

G'day Mate!

The first session of Summer Sunshine Camp is off to a great start.  

June 16-27 the kids are learning all about Australia, from the Outback to the Great Barrier Reef. 

The children will be hearing stories by Mem Fox, an Australian children's author; learning the parts of kangaroo; and going on a walkabout.  

Want to know how your child can get in on the fun? 
 Call the TMA office to enroll--limited spaces available in sessions 1 & 4.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Friday, May 16, 2014


Children's Literature appropriate for ages 3 through 6.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014


“Spring Has (we hope) Sprung” here and the gardening at TMA has begun!  At our Sock Hop a few weeks ago the children had the opportunity to plant seeds to start for our school garden.  We planted tomatoes, broccoli, cucumbers, basil, & dill.  The children scooped dirt into small paper mache cups, selected their seeds and planted them, and then watered the seeds.  The children in each Early Childhood classroom have been caring for the seeds in preparation for planting them outside in our school garden.  Children from Room 4 were excited to plant peas outside in the garden.  When it is warmer they will plant green beans.  We are looking forward to tasting our vegetables this summer.

Submitted by: Lois Burns

Solving Conflicts the Montessori Way

Peace Education was an essential aspect of the curriculum to Maria Montessori.  If we teach children how to be peaceful, as they grow they can help spread peace throughout the world.  The Peace Rose is a concrete tool empowering children to calmly resolve conflicts and instill harmony in the classroom.  After utilizing the Peace Rose, the children have felt a great sense of accomplishment and a renewed, closer friendship.  The following is a demonstration of how to use the Peace Rose by Room 4.

A friend used her hand roughly.
Respectfully get the child’s attention
One child can bring the rose to the other child.
Kindly express what happened and how it made you feel.
“When you pushed me it made me angry.”
They form an agreement:
"Can you please not push me next time?”
  “Yes, I will not push you next time.” 

They finish by each holding the stem of the rose and saying together “friends.”

Based on this book 

Submitted by: Lois Burns