Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Cabin Days

The fifth years enjoyed a beautiful day at Leeper Park. They attended "Cabin Days". A field trip to follow up their studies last year of pioneers in Indiana. 

Monday, October 20, 2014

Creative Experiences #2

Mystery Painting
Preparing to color a leaf stencil
Water Resist
Leaf Rubbing
Leaf Placemat 

Concentrating on her painting
Corn painting
Easel Painting

Watercolor Resist
Mystery Painting
Finished with the Chalk Leaf
Painting with fall colors
Corn Painting
After painting with the corn
Coloring leaf
busy kids!

Pumpkins, Pizza & Fun

Thank you to Kristi (Xavier’s Mom) for the individual pumpkins for us to decorate!  We were able to paint them with special paint that we made J

Last week we also had a fun time making our own individual English Muffin Pizzas for snack. 


Fall Frolic was a lot of fun this past weekend and some of our students participated:  Rowan, Nora, Charis, Matthew, Xavier and Lily  Congratulations!

Contributed by: Mrs. Rockafellow

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Welcome Autumn

Room 5 is learning about the parts of an apple and parts of an ear of corn.  Many of the children have been talking about the apple: skin, flesh, core, stem, and leaf!

A couple of the days each week we have our outside time on the playground and the remaining days we spend our time in the field behind the school working on running, jumping, kicking, and group games.

In the afternoon, while some friends were resting/napping, the awake children were able to make pancake bites for the parent breakfast--yum yum!

   We had our first parent breakfast last week--what a great turnout!