Thursday, April 17, 2014

Earth Day

April 22 is Earth Day--this is a day that is set aside each year beginning in 1970, in order for us to pause and reflect or take action on how individuals and group can care for our earth. 

The Montessori Academy will celebrate this year as a community at our Parent child Adventure: Rockin the Earth Night.  This will be a time for a 1950's "Sock Hop" and several Earth Day Crafts for the younger children and parents to participate in.

We hope you are able to come out at spend time with our community painting or building a birdhouse, planting seeds for the TMA Early Childhood garden, making earth crafts and dancing the night away.

          Location:     TMA gym
        Time:          6:00-7:30

If you have time to stop by the library this weekend, here are some great books to check out and share with your child.

Some good reads for parents:

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Busy Times...

Painting a map of the seven continents.

Matching the Moveable Alphabet to the Sandpaper Letters.

Working on the 100 Board--putting numbers 1-100 in order.

Working on the Sandpaper Letters together.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Peeling, Chopping, Slicing...

Food Preparation remains a favorite part of Practical Life/Everyday Living in Room 2! 

Lots of cleaning, peeling, and cutting going on, as well as grace and courtesy. The children love offering a friend to share their prepared food with them!

Submitted by: Jodi Price

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

February is almost finished.  That means, 3 more months of school and then Summer Camp!

Room 5 did an experiment with yeast for the TMA Science Fair.  One loaf was made with yeast and one without--the children were able to see firsthand how important it is to follow a recipe and what an important job yeast has.

Other busyness this month has included working on our windfall project, sharing valentines with each other and learning about Penguins & Dinosaurs

The children in our class have seemed to really enjoy listening to stories this year.  In the afternoon we are reading aloud chapter books.  We recently finished The Magic School Bus--Dinosaur Detectives.  We're currently working on Brown Ears.   The children are planning to read as many chapter books as we can before the end of school.

Submitted by: Donna Rockafellow

Room 3 Science Experiement

Room 3 participated in the annual TMA Science Fair this year.  The room 3 explored hydroponics.  We cut 3" off a bunch of celery and the same from a head of romaine lettuce.  We placed them in a shallow container of water and observed them for over 2 weeks--time to see if they would grow.  Result:  the celery did not, but the lettuce did.  We even got to eat part of our science project for snack!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Excited About Work

What to do when it snows…Make snow angels and snowmen!  Or jump on a trampoline as we walk around line when it’s too cold to go outside.  


We had such a lovely return following winter break!  It has been quiet and peaceful.  Many wonderful works are being completed with concentration. 

The children are enjoying the new Practical Life works.  Several children are also working in Sensorial, building the Pink tower, Brown Stair, and Red Rods.  Sounds lessons are exploding throughout the class. The children delight in writing letters on a chalk board, writing words with the movable alphabet and with paper, and reading many of the Bob Books readers.  We have practiced tracing the numerals 1-10, matching objects to the teen numbers 11-19, and laying out the numerals 1-100.  The maps for North America, South America, and the United States are also very popular in these past days.

It's good to be back and diving into the works with all of the children.

Submitted by: Lois Burns

Art Appreciation

Room 2 began a unit of study on Art Appreciation.  Last week they kicked off the unit with Vincent Van Gogh, specifically The Starry Night and Sunflowers.