Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Firefighters Visit

Thank you to three Penn firefighters for visiting us at Montessori Academy this week! We saw a short video about the life of a firefighter, played a safety game "Toy or Tool", which included a basketball, as well as matches (toys are for kids, tools are for adults) and heard what a fire alarm sounds like.

The firefighters explained to the children that if there is a fire--get out!  It’s part of their job to save pets and make sure the house is empty of humans and pets alike.

Mr. Franco (aka Firefighter Richard) showed us all how a firefighter dresses for an emergency, and why.  He then crawled on the floor to reassure the children that firefighters are not scary, in their protective gear.

At the end of the presentation, we all headed outside to see and go in the firetruck.  Even with the excitement of them leaving on a call, all the children were able to enjoy a trip through the truck.

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