Thursday, July 28, 2011

Summer Sunshine

The summer has been filled with plenty of sunshine, some rainy days, many hot days and lots of fun at The Montessori Academy Summer Sunshine Camp for Early Childhood. 

The lead-off session was run by Cindy Shelley and Donna Rockafellow and the theme was DINOSAURS.  The classroom was transformed by the dinosaur unit.  The children had opportunities to scrub a dinosaur, hatch a dinosaur, excavate a dinosaur as well as dig for dinosaurs, eat yummy dinosaur snacks, learn the names and characteristics of dinosaurs and read about many types of dinosaurs.  The children all seemed to internalize the song “I am a Stegosaurus” and could be heard singing it throughout the day while working and playing outside.  

PIRATES  were the theme for session two, led by Lindsey Marquette and Sonia Costillo.  The children participated in pirate crafts, learning about ships, treasure hunts and more.  Week one boasted of following treasure maps in search of a large pan marked with an X.   The children eventually discovered a pan of brownies in the garden.   The second opportunity for a treasure hunt involved finding gold all over the playground.  The favorite song from this session was, “If You Ever See a Pirate”…say Argh!  Sung to the tune of “If You’re Happy and you Know it”.  The children were very excited to have an outside water day during this session, complete with sprinklers, pools, shaving cream skating and cool treats.

Along came the intense summer heat just in time for session three, FUN IN THE SUN.  Ann Stebelton and Sonia Costillo had grand plans of many days filled with outside adventures until the temperatures rose and the need for cool spaces were required.  The children learned all about seeds and how they develop into plants, what foods we eat have seeds in them and what seeds are foods.  The children did get to enjoy large motor group activities in the gym playing basketball, parachute and a crazy spider game.  Fresh fruit and popsicles were always on hand for snacks this session, including strawberry shortcake, made by the children. The second week of Fun in the Sun has been filled with playground fun, tie-dying t-shirts, an outside water day, gardening, and many fun water based activities inside and out.

The final session, ERIC CARLE will be August 2-12, led by Lindsey Turner and Sonia Costillo.  The class will explore the popular favorites by Carle as well as some stories that are not so well known.  Crafts, food preparation and corporative games will reinforce themes discovered in literature.

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