Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Early Childhood Breakfast

We welcome all Early Childhood parents to enjoy a light breakfast with their child at school,

Thursday October 13 7:30-9:00a.m. 

School breakfast opportunities are offered a couple times each year for parents to have the opportunity to spend a little bit of time with their child in school, the child sharing their work with their parent.

We hope you are able to attend, even for a few minutes on your way to work.  We realize some families have the opportunity to stay a few minutes and others are able to stay enjoy the classroom longer. Please respect the time frame so that the children are able to go about their day successfully.  If your child seems to have a difficult time saying goodbye when it is time that you need to leave; please say "goodbye", give a hug and remind your child that you will return when the school day is done.  The teachers and assistants are fantastic at transition periods.  Please be assured that they will assist & redirect the children to begin their work time.

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