Monday, November 28, 2011

Welcome Cinnamon the rabbit!

Room 4 has a wonderful addition to the classroom! A new rabbit kitten, only 8 weeks old, has joined our family. The children are so glad to have our new friend and the entire Early Childhood building is equally enthralled with this cute little addition.
We have had lessons on proper holding techniques for rabbits and how to be gentle and loving with our new little bundle of a bunny. Cinnamon, the rabbit, has had a grand welcoming and is being very well cared for in our room. The children enjoy watching him in his cage and also giving him the opportunity to hop around the room.
Each room 4 family will have the opportunity to take Cinnamon home for the weekend and care for him. Please contact Miss Ann if you have questions regarding this matter, and please stop in and meet our newest family member; Cinnamon the rabbit.
Submitted by: Ann Stebelton

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