Thursday, June 28, 2012

Sowing & Growing

Summer Camp is off with a bang at The Montessori Academy.  Children have been learning a bit about gardening and what is involved.  We've been harvesting the Sugar Snap Peas planted by the early childhood classes in late March--they been a great treat to eat right off the vine!  We've also had plenty of time to weed the Vegetable Garden as well as the Peace Garden.

A favorite quote from camp this session is from a five year old boy after I had explained why we have a landscaping liner under the landscaping rocks in the circle drive and the importance of it, "Then we wouldn't have weeds to pull and we couldn't weed".  While my adult brain sees the logic of using landscaping liner, the child views this as his important work.

Today, some of us had the opportunity to make Carrot Muffins.  They smelled delicious as they were baking and everyone gobbled them up before going home.

grating carrots

mixing the ingredients together

adding the dry ingredients

the nutmeg and cinnamon make this smell great!

The children have also had a chance to plant their own beans and we're monitoring the sprouts we get.  Materials needed to sprout beans: 1 ziploc bag, 1 - 2 beans, 1 wet paper towel, and sunlight.  The bags are taped to a window that gets ample morning sun.  We planted beans last Friday and already today could see them sprouting and growing roots--very exciting!

Check back for more updates from Summer Sunshine Camp at TMA!

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