Friday, September 21, 2012

Tips for Talking to your child about their day

·       Greet your child when they are buckled in the car.  This is a good time to sing together or inform him/her of the plan for the next little while.


·       Create a ritual that signifies a specific time for you to talk about what happened during the day at school.


·        Specific questions:


o   What was the best thing about school today?

o   What was the worst thing about school today?

o   Did anything surprise you at school today?

o   Can you show me with your hands what you did at school today?

o   What made you happy while you were at school today?

o   What is something you discovered at school today?

o   *Did you see Senora Aida today?

o   *Did you sing with Ms. Collins today?

o   Ask about classroom pets

o   Who was your friend today?

o   How were you a friend to someone else today?

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