Thursday, May 30, 2013


Thank you again to whoever donated the butterfly certificate.  The children have watched the miracle life cycle of the Painted Lady Butterfly for several weeks now.
As we released them this morning on the play scape I asked the children what they had enjoyed most.

*  Their long tongue.

*  When they turned to cocoons & came out butterflies.

*  They knew how to fly around the playground.

*  My Cinderella was so beautiful.

*  When the butterflies came out of the cocoon they were so quiet.

*  All five ate their apple & orange snack.

*  Taking care of them every day.

*  I hope they are careful flying across the busy street.

To love and release isn't always easy. 
May all my children fly high like a butterfly!
Submitted by:  Robin Cahall--Montessori Classroom at South Bend Center for the Homeless

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