Thursday, December 18, 2014

Pine Cone vs. Pineapple

When I was giving a lesson on a new pine cone decorating craft, one of the children asked if a pine cone was a pineapple.  There is a similarity!  This sparked a whole new lesson – what is a pine cone and what is a pineapple.  We looked at pictures of pine cones on pine trees, and pineapples on pineapple bushes.  Surprisingly, pineapples do not grow on trees!


We passed around a pine cone and a pineapple for all the children to feel and look at.

We put the top in a dish, and added water. After it grows roots, we are going to plant it and grow a pineapple bush.

The sides of the pineapple were cut off.

We talked about the core and what other fruits have cores. 
Dice it up.

Let’s eat snack!  Yum!  

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