Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Beginning of the Year

Welcome to a great year at TMA! 

The Toddler & Early Childhood classes are off to a great start.  The carpool line is progressing; drivers are learning the importance of driving the loop to ensure safety to each family.  The children are adjusting to walking up to class, changing into their inside shoes and gathering for a quick group time.

Some things the children are learning in the first few weeks: 
  • School is fun!
  • Walking feet are used in the classroom
  • Inside voices are appropriate in the building & loud voices are for outside time
  • Hands are for helping
  • They may choose their own work
  • Saying goodbye (for just a little while)
  • The importance of putting work away in the same location it was taken from, so that other friends are able to find it successfully
  • School is fun!
  • They are free to use the bathroom whenever they need to
  • Washing hands with soap & water after using the bathroom, sneezing and coughing AND before eating snack or lunch
  • Each individual is valued and loved for who they are and where they are

...the essence  of independence is to be able to do something for one's self... --Dr. Maria Montessori

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