Thursday, September 22, 2011


Do you like to eat pickles at your house?  The children of room 3 and Miss Burns made pickles today. 

The steps involved:

1. Washing hands with soap & water 

Washing hands

2. Scrubbing the cucumbers
Scrubbing the cucumbers

3. Slicing the cucumbers 


4. Putting the sliced cucumbers in a jar

5. Measure & pour salt in the jar
6. Measure 4 cups of water
7. Measure 3 cups of vinegar

measuring the vinegar

8. Measure dried dill & added it to jar
9. Pour liquid mixture in jar
10 Screw the lid onto the jar
11. Boil water to seal the jars
12. Wait 6 weeks until they are ready to eat


The children are ready to count down the days until they get to try their own pickles!  

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