Monday, October 1, 2012

Dear Mom & Dad,

I need to tell you some stuff about what I want to wear to school. I know you want me to look cute and adorable, (which I do--no matter what I wear) but I really want to be able to paint in the classroom and play on the playground without worrying about getting dirty and ruining any special clothes. All I want is to be comfortable and able to put on and take off my things without any help, especially when I need to go to the bathroom or when I need to put my coat on to go outside.

Which reminds me, winter will be here soon, and my class will be going outside every day as long as the wind chill temperature is 20 degrees. That means I will need to have my outside winter clothes with me every day...even when it snows!

Here is a list of things I will need:
winter coat
waterproof mittens
waterproof boots
Please remember all 5 of these items or else I will have to stand on the sidewalk watching all my friends play and sled without me. That would make me very sad.

Thanks Mom and Dad for all your help! Love you!

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