Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Geography Explosion in Room 3

The geography curriculum in a Montessori Early Childhood classroom allows the child to see the world in an ever expanding way. The child begins to become aware of physical differences on our planet through work with the land and water forms.

Land Forms: Island & Lake
The sandpaper globe shows the child that the Earth is made up of land and water. Then the painted globe shows the seven continents.

The children manipulate the wooden puzzle maps of; the world, each of the continents, and the United States. In doing so they learn the shapes and sizes of the different countries and states and then eventually the names associated with them.

The children can use the puzzle maps as a guide when making their own maps, by tracing and coloring them. 




 All this hands-on experience helps the children understand just how large our globe is. As they begin to learn about different cultures around the world they will hopefully embrace it's wonderful diversity.
Submitted by: Lindsay Turner

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