Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Tips for Talking to your child about his/her day

Greet your child/children when they are buckled in the car.  This is a good time to sing together or inform him/her of the plans for the next little while.

·         Create a ritual that signifies a specific time for you to talk about what happened during the day at school—this may be in the car, over a snack, while preparing dinner, or possibly during the winding down routine leading up to bedtime.

·         Some Specific Questions:

o   What was the best thing about school today?

o   Did anything surprise you at school today?

o   Can you show me with your hands what you did at school today?

o   What made you happy while you were at school today?

o   What is something you discovered at school today?

o   Did Senora Poloche visit your class today? Spanish classes are on Thursday morning.

o   Did you sing with Mrs. Horner today? Music classes meet each Monday morning.

o   Ask about the classroom pets

o   Who was your friend today?

o   How were you a friend to someone else today?

o   Who did you sit by at lunch or share a snack with today?

o   Did you read a book or sing a song at school today?

We hope this will help you engage in conversation with your child at school—often times the question, “How as your day?” is difficult for young children to comprehend or deal with appropriately.

Thank you!

The Early Childhood Teachers

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