Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Montessori Math

Here is a snapshot of some of the Early Childhood Montessori math materials, developed by Maria Montessori. 

Children learn to identify the numerals, correctly count the quantities, and then match the quantities to the numerals – taught in Cards and Counters.  The 45 Layout shows visually and proportionally the first four place values (units, tens, hundreds, & thousands).  Using the fraction cones, children explore how two parts, three parts, or four parts can make one whole cone.  Again matching quantity to numeral, the Tens Boards with Beads explore the sequential order of the numerals 1-100, show the visual quantity which the numerals represent, and help teach how to read the numerals, i.e. “thirty-five.”  The Hundred Board provides another approach in learning to order and read the numerals 1-100.  Variations of the Hundred Board provide a deeper understanding of the order of the numbers and their place value from 1-100.  Using the Squaring Chains, children practice counting in groups of 2, 3, 4…etc. to 10; i.e. a concrete explanation of skip counting and squaring numbers.

Montessori’s math curriculum is incrementally broken down and concretely presented to teach underlying mathematical concepts, which instill the tools for future success in mathematics.

Cards & Counters
Large Card Layout

Tens Boards with Beads

100 Board

Skip Counting with the Short / Squaring Chains

100 Board Extension

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