Tuesday, February 17, 2015

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Painting at the easel

Oil Pastels

Making a Collage

Learning to use fun art tools 

Fun with Watercolors

More Watercolor experiments

Vibrant Watercolors
Free Painting at the Easel
Roller Painting with Fluorescents
Stencil & Blotters
Primary Colors & Canvas
Valentine Hearts
Glitter Glue

Creative Experiences is a great name for our Wednesday afternoon art class where children are provided a variety of art supplies for them to create beautiful works of art. It's all about the process!

While some ideas provided for the children have a sample so they can see an end product, other materials provide open-ended experiences.

Creative Experiences is a fun class where children can explore "messy" art, using materials such as glitter glue, finger-paints, paint rollers, splatter painting and more.  It's also fun to explore with different qualities of materials. Which watercolor brand is the brightest, and does watercolor paper really make a difference? These are just some ideas shared with the class.  

Each class begins with a snack and reading a book about children and art.  Some sessions include children’s books about artists.  Last week, the book, Ish, by Peter H. Reynolds—was read and throughout the class the children were describing their own ish creations.

If your child loves art (especially messy art), but you don't have the heart for it, we would love to have him/her join us for our next 6 week session!

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