Thursday, January 31, 2013

Kindergarten Work Time

Mrs. Shelley giving a lesson on "the article"

Taking a moment to read a book

Natural or Polished Stones

Writing Numerals

Exploring Gemstones

Labeling an environment
Diagramming the article, adjective and noun

Reading with an older friend


Labeling the Farm Animals
Examining Gemstones

Addition Facts

On January 14th the full day kindergarteners started holding Monday and Tuesday afternoon classes in Room 105 in the Elementary Building.  They have been working on a full complement of math, language and cultural materials.  Much of the work is the same as the work in their classrooms in the EC Building which allows for the comfort of continuity.  They have also had the opportunity to interact with the Lower Elementary children and teachers.  We hope that this continued exposure will make the transition to 1st grade in the Elementary Building next year a smooth one.
Submitted by: Lindsay Turner


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