Friday, February 1, 2013

Valentine's Day

February is approaching quickly and everywhere we see displays of pink and red hearts in the spirit of Valentine's Day. At TMA, the young children share their friendship with each other by bringing in valentines for everyone. (While we know this is a special time, at TMA we dwell on it only briefly at school.) We encourage you to talk with your child about 'being a friend' or 'acts of kindness' toward others especially at this time.

Whether your family participates in giving valentines or not, each child will have a bag for collecting valentines others may bring in.  All valentines need to be marked To: Friend   From: _____ (insert your child's name). 

The normal schedule for the day is:  Arrival 8:20 - 8:35,  individual bags will be placed around the line and as the children enter their classes, the may distribute their valentines to the bags and then go about their work.  The whole process is wrapped up no later than 9:00 and then the children are able to go about their normal day--participating in Spanish, library, and classroom activities.  The teachers will make sure each child has a bag in their tote to go home.

Thank you for following these guidelines and allowing us to continue on with this way of acknowledging this day of friendship at TMA.

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